Helping teams connect in the digital age

Working online makes meeting new colleagues infinitely more complicated than in real life. After all, you cannot just buddy-up and walk around the office saying hello to people. We are building GreetBot to bridge that gap.

  • GreetBot

    Peeps, there is a new cool kid on the block. Come say hello to @jimmy 😊

  • GreetBot

    @channel everyone give a warm welcome to @samantha! Great to have you on the team 💪

  • GreetBot

    G'day @matt! Make yourself at home. If you have any questions let @mamiko know 👌

  • GreetBot

    Woohoo a new person is here! Welcome aboard @marco 🚀

  • GreetBot

    Ahoy there @quincy 👋 Glad you’re part of the gang ☺ If you need a hand with anything write to @georgie 🏄

Working with over 2,000 teams globally

We are proud to work with a growning number of companies and communities from all over the world.


Over 150,000 new joiners welcomed to date


More than 500,000 Slack users introduced to new teammates


Companies, groups and communities using GreetBot daily

Made in (and out) of Amsterdam

It all started back in 2015, when a few old colleagues gathered for dinner in Amsterdam. On that fateful night they decided to join forces and start building software together. Today we are juggling our time between three babies, two cats, six cities, three time zones and one feisty bot. But every once in a while you can still catch us chatting over bitterballen and La Chouffe somewhere in between the serpentine canals of Amsterdam.

Don't be a stranger

What do you think? What's difficult about introducing new members to your team today? We'd love it if you could share your thoughts with us. Join our Slack community to discuss GreetBot and teamwork in general or just drop us a line. Please, don't be a stranger ☺