Say yello to GreetBot

The idea is simple: every time someone joins your Slack team GreetBot makes a shoutout. He says something funny, casual, warm. Something that breaks the ice.

Something short like that:


Joined #general


hey people, give a warm welcome to @johnny! Great to have you on the team 😊

As trivial as this sounds it's been something we have struggled with ourselves on Slack for some time. Someone new would join and maybe a few people would say "hi" or "welcome"! But then — silence.

It sucked. It lacked personality and emotion. It did not invite people to talk or reach out. To get to know one another.

Predictably, it made for pretty shitty first impressions. In the eyes of the new joiners and their new teams.

As we dug deeper we found even more challenges. Anything from telling newcomers who to ask for help, to introducing them to selected members in private.

Working online simply made all these things more difficult. After all, you cannot just buddy-up and walk around the office saying hello to people.

We still have plenty of work left to do. But we hope GreetBot will help make a difference. Help teams welcome new members in a more fun, engaging way and help new joiners feel right at home on day one.

What do you think? What's difficult about introducing new members to your team today? We'd love it if you could share your thoughts with us. Just drop us a line.